Not Alone



Not Alone is a game created in 2015 at Champlain College as a part of their Make a Change project, and is affiliated with their SEE, SAY, DO campaign – a network of resources and action steps addressing the national issue of sexual assault/harassment on college campuses. Not Alone aims to prevent sexual misconduct by connecting students to resources, explaining Title IX and student rights, providing facts and dispelling myths about sexual assault, and promoting an environment that emphasizes support and bystander intervention. The Make A Change project engages small groups of college students in scenarios and conversations that encourage dialogue about sexual violence.

On this project, I operated in a variety of capacities. My first roles were as Narrative Designer, creating the story and cast of characters, and as Systems Designer, developing three of the project’s four minigames. I later returned as Design Consultant, conducting real-world research to improve the interactive experience and articulating the narrative delivery and flow.