– Game Script
Game Genre: Action-Adventure / Stealth
Completed: Winter 2011
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  •  O.A.S.I.S. is an original stealth action-adventure game (reminiscent of games like Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell) revolving around a corrupt government security program and the lives of three individuals fighting to stop it. For this document, I was the writer and editor on a two-man team.


Star Wars: Darkness of Haruun Kal
– Game Script & Supplementary Documents
Game Genre: Survival Horror
Completed: Winter 2011
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  •  Star Wars: DoHK is an assignment where, based in the Star Wars universe, students had to create an original multiplayer game. This survival horror uses the themes of isolation and asymmetric gameplay to create a unique experience. I was the sole editor and one of the writers on a 4-man group.


Breakaway: Episode 11
– Game Script
Game Genre: RPG / International
Completed: Winter 2010
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  • Breakaway is a narrative-centric international soccer game  aimed to prevent violence against women by promoting positive behavior change in kids 8-15. As a writer, and later as lead writer, I helped write and edit all  thirteen scripts, as well as compose the overarching narrative and design the characters. I wrote this particular episode, but it is important to note that the story (and the game as a whole) was a collaborative effort. The writing team alone was made up of a total of five undergraduate students.
  • At this stage of the story, Raina, the new female teammate, has returned after an abrupt and mysterious disappearance. Tal, the misogynist team captain, snaps upon her return and Hanna, the player’s sister, is caught in the crossfire.